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Regional Warehouse Distribution Location
7200 NW 7th Avenue, Unit 4
Miami, FL 33150
Tel: (305) 691-4500 / Toll Free 1(888) 888.2818
Fax: 1.305.600.1332

We design, manufacture, procure
shoes and beyond for

Shoe Artists, Designers, Brands, Retailers,

Private labels,
and Government entities.

We connect designers, artists, creative communities, entrepreneurs, and retailers to manufacturers, procurement experts and importers/exporters for strategic growth.

American Shoe Factory's supply chain management and E*Procurement advantages delivers strategic access to international trade services, factories, expert designers, products, raw materials and components.

Since 1954, American Shoe Factory's affiliated factories, designers, and procurement team has been making shoes, accessories, and well beyond for custom orders to mass production for global distribution.

American Shoe Factory was formed in 2010 by the vision of a consortium with a rich international trade history.

Most of our affiliated factory made shoes and accessories are custom made to order and are NOT displayed on this website to PROTECT our clients creative and intellectual properties.

As a confidential courtesy to our respected clients and brands, many of our affiliated factory made products are only sold through their respected company sales channels.

U.S.A. Regional
& International Trade


Please contact us to meet or exceed your expectations.

7200 NW 7th Avenue, Unit 4
Miami, FL 33150
Tel: (305) 691-4500 / Toll Free 1(888) 888.2818 
Fax: 1.305.600.1332

Shipping & Distribution Hours: 10:00a.m EST to 5:00p.m. EST Monday to Friday

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