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American Shoe Factory's consortium of companies has been manufacturing, marketing, and designing quality footwear, sports & outdoor products, and accessories for your small, medium size companies, brand start-ups to world recognized brands. If the opportunity and situation looks right and synergy's can be created, please consider American Shoe Factory services and products.
We have a proud heritage and history in manufacturing, and design with advanced technical and mass production resource capabilities for private label, brands, custom and unique order requests. We also offer our complete package for bringing the three distinct parts of design, footwear to apparel manufacturing, and supply chain into one seamless service which we call - Design/Development/Delivery.
American Shoe Factory's team of designers, developers and production professionals are experts that understand technical products from ascetics, to the performance logistics for many footwear, sports & outdoor products, and accessories. We handle all types of projects from complete design services, full line development, seasonal additions, large scale production needs, to rush orders.
We have developed a diverse network of factories in the US and Asia that are capable of producing a wide range of high quality products. Our factories are compliant with the highest level of quality standards and timeline assurance in the business. At American Shoe Factory, we realize that companies today have too many choices in this global economy and this is why we respect your business at the highest level.
We can take responsibility for the entire supply chain, so you don’t have to. Through our proven methods and planning, American Shoe Factory ensures that all development and production is accurate, and that products are delivered on time.
For a more detailed response, simply submit an inquiry of what value you are seeking,
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