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Our Experience. Unique Client History

American Shoe Factory and its affiliations was formed by a consortium with a rich history of international trade specializing in (B2B) Business-to-Business and (B2G) Business to Government transactions from USA to China.

American Shoe Factory’s affiliated manufacturers, partners and executive team with extensive experience of making / designing / distributing shoes, accessories, and well beyond from custom orders to mass production for customers that include but not limited to below.

In 2011, American Shoe Factory became a contractor partner and consult with SRA International to deliver expertise, production and procurement value to SRA’s supply chain solutions. SRA International then became CSRA after its merger years ago and is dedicated to solving complex problems of great significance for government clients in defense, homeland security/special operations, health and civil agency. American Shoe Factory’s value selected by this team has served Government agencies to corporate giants like Lockheed Martin (as a sub-contractor). On April 3, 2018, CSRA was aquired by General Dynamics Information Technology. Press News (Click Here)