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Fees and Value added with a U.S.A. Buying-Trade agent for Asia-China markets.

Why American Shoe Factory can add value as your buying-trade agent from USA for Asia-China and BEYOND?

Many people think buying overseas and dealing directly with a manufacturer or supplier will give them access to better quality products or services and then to realize unexpected problems.

A list of problems that may happen while doing business in Asia-China without an expert agent representing them include:

1. Differences in languages and cultures are the major hindrance when conducting business in Asia-China. Misunderstandings and ineffective communications may lead to serious inefficiencies and not getting what you want or ordered. Poor quality, USA Dollar/China currency pricing risks, bad packaging, late deliveries, the list can go on and on. Expect the unexpected as they say in international trade.

2. Quality control check of the goods is of major concern which can result in unexpected costs and time consuming issues.

3. The supplier you never met in person in Asia-China won't or can't pack according to your requirements.

4. Suppliers are not so honest and responsible as you thought.

5. Inexperienced suppliers can lead to big problems on document requirements, government customs issues, shipping etc.

6. You want quality direction about purchasing, negotiating import-exporting, etc., with the manufacturers or other indirect sources.

7. Get Experienced Translators ( English. Spanish, Russia, Arabic) in directly in Asia-China that will guide you to the best fit suppliers or Factories for your needs.

8. Negotiate prices and best options for you. Take pictures and videos for you. Write down all the order details. Calculate the logistics, shipping, government duties-taxes, etc.

9. Communicate with the suppliers confirm & follow up the orders on your behalf!

10. Sampling confirmation, Control the risks on the buying process.

Choose us at American Shoe Factory network of Buying and Trade Expert Specialists as WE can solve many kinds of problems for you when doing business from USA to Asia-China.