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What are the fees to have a USA based buying-trade agent from American Shoe Factory and its affiliates conducting business in Asia-China on your behalf?

One Stop Service Charges
We charge reasonable representation rates, which is between 3% to 5% for all the Service based on the Total Order Value & Payment terms. Our Minimum charge is $1,500.00.

This may be much lower than just your plane ticket cost to Asia-China alone. Your TIME is MONEY so we can help you utilize it efficiently and effectively.

Extra value added Translation & Guiding fees may be negotiated on a case by case basis.
The fees are offset from the invoice when order is confirmed.

Special Offer: We can negotiate SPECIAL TERMS if your total order value exceeds $250,000 Per Year.

How we Create Value for you?

1. Getting better prices and save costs for you.

We can achieve more value or better prices for you via our extensive network of regular suppliers and manufacturers. We can advise and help you save on unexpected high costs on taxes, packing. transporting cost, etc.

2. Control your risks of “buying from Asia-China”

“Buying from Asia-China” may have big cost risks for you if deal with the overseas suppliers yourself. Before you open the container of your order, you don't know what get what you ordered. Steps on how we help you control the risks on your purchase, include but not limited to:

a) Verification of quality suppliers or manufacturers with Pre and Post Production Inspection,

b) On Production Inspection, We monitor all orders to see that they are manufactured & delivered within the timelines you provide us. Control problems before it happens.

c) Pre-Shipment Inspection. Inspect the Quality, Quantity, packing and all the other issues to make sure that they’re according your requirement before delivery. If there any difference as you required, we will send email to you and let you make the decision!

d) We have extensive experience and expertise to deal with different suppliers and manufacturers that reach beyond shoes. Also, we have International trade lawyers, consultants, and detailed purchase contracts to ensure your purchase order will be handled properly.

3. Save your time & Transaction Cost.

We take care of your business in China, right here in America!

You only need to make the product choice, leave the rest to us.

Save of your time and plane ticket to China! We can help you can get deals done without you leaving your computer desk.