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Shop to BE UNIQUE as you are Awesome for visiting KRAZY Shoe Artists and BEYOND.


Offer eclectic, unique, hard to find shoes, products and well BEYOND at INSANE value delivered to your doorstep, while growing as a socially conscious business.


Krazy Shoes Artists global network custom designs, markets, make shoes and well Beyond. Let us creatively add spark your next big bang!


Krazy Shoes Artists & Beyond offers superb eclectic shoes, cutting-edge products, and well BEYOND!

WE GO BEYOND: Due to popular demand our *BEYOND* categories fueled by our entrepreneurial artistic spirit global team that delivers tech gadgets, smart watches, wireless speakers-headphones, 3D Printers, and other cutting-edge products for your shopping pleasures.

We offer exclusive fresh new products by KRAZY Shoe Artists, EWTTO America, American Work Boots-Shoes and other fresh new shoes-products to meet your lifestyle pleasures that’s INSANE!


You may not have heard of us before but for decades our global network team of artists, designers, and manufacturers are often the unsung talents-value behind the scenes to producing products to work class brands, special projects, chain stores-retailers, private labels, and BEYOND.

Like a music producer behind the scenes making a song, we bring that behind the scenes creative value like the music producing process to the creation of shoes and products.

At KRAZY Shoe Artists & Beyond, we’re inspired to be trailblazers with our eclectic products and unique styles. Set new tracks, be different, and don't be a follower by wearing what everybody is wearing.

Krazy Shoe Artists & BEYOND by American Shoe Factory are internationally represented with artistic entrepreneurial spirit and inspired by the creative maker cultures with hearts of a lion.


Founded by a niche team with a rich history of international trade expertise from mass production manufacturers, designers, to maker cultures from USA, Asia, Latin America, to Caribbean Islands.